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FIRST in Texas is collecting stories about the positive impact FIRST can have on the lives of girls who participate in the program. Your stories help us secure additional grant funding for teams across the state. 

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Team Grant Applications Open Now!

All Texas FIRST teams may submit an application. For more information on our Grants, including Eligibility and Award Amounts, please visit our website:

FIRST in Texas grants are managed by FIRST in Texas, not by FIRST. Should your team receive a FIRST in Texas Team Grant, the grant information will not be displayed on your Dashboard at

For information on grants managed by FIRST, click here.

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How has FIRST had a positive impact on girls?

FIRST in Texas is gathering powerful #FIRSTLikeAGirl success stories that we can use for grant applications (more funds to support girls in FIRST!), social media, promotion, and more. If you have a story to share about the positive impact FIRST has had on you or other female FIRST participants you support, we would love to hear it!

We're especially looking for stories about girls who might not otherwise have had such opportunities, and how their FIRST participation is helping / has helped them gain new interest in a STEM field or skill, confidence, career and personal success, etc. Including details about when the girls became engaged with FIRST and their progression in the program(s) is also valuable.

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Submissions will remain open after October 23rd. 

Submission Requirements

  • You must create a free Submittable account in order to submit your story via Submittable
  • You must provide your FULL NAME and a valid email address when creating your Submittable account
  • You must have the permission of the individual(s) featured in your story, if other than yourself, to share said story
  • Your story must relate an experience that took place at a Texas event or while participating on or with a Texas team

Submission Terms

By submitting your story, you agree to grant FIRST in Texas staff the ability to edit your submission for clarity, spelling, format, and length, and to share the story via various media channels and with potential grantors. 

Submitters will be identified alongside their story when it is shared; you will have the option to indicate how you would like to be identified. 

Alternate Submission Option

If you do not wish to create a Submittable account, you may send the information requested in this form to and

FIRST in Texas team grants are available thanks to the generosity of our many supporters! We are thrilled to offer another season of grants to FIRST teams statewide. A single application (one per team) is required to evaluate a team's eligibility for all available grants. 

Who Can Apply?

Any FIRST team residing in the state of Texas (includes FIRST LEGO League Junior, FIRST LEGO League, FIRST Tech Challenge, and FIRST Robotics Competition teams). 


Many of our grant awards are based on a team's status as either a Rookie or Veteran team. FIRST in Texas will use criteria from your application to determine your team's Rookie / Veteran Status. 

If your team will consist of all (100%) rookie team members for the 2018-2019 season, we recommend* that you REGISTER AS A NEW TEAM when signing up at and start with a Temporary Team Number, instead of registering under a pre-existing team number. 

*Recommendation primarily applies to only non-FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) teams

How to Apply:

  • Before submitting, you will be required to create a free Submittable account.
  • The Main Coach for the team should submit the grant application. Award notification emails and emails about any required Additional Forms will go to the email address associated with the account of the person who submits the grant application. 
  • Only ONE APPLICATION PER TEAM may be submitted. Duplicate submissions will be deleted.
  • Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis over the course of the season. Teams who apply early are more likely to receive a grant. See our Grant Calendar for more details and dates. Round 1 Reviews will begin on September 10; all applications submitted before September 10 will be considered in the first round.
  • When your submission is under review, it will be labeled "In Progress." You may see the "In Progress" label appear prior to the published start dates of the Review Rounds, as we will do preliminary checks for data accuracy.
  • If your team is selected to receive an award in Round 1, you will receive an award notification via email. You will be required to accept (or decline) the award within 72 hours. Your team's submission will then be labeled "Accepted" (or "Declined"). 
  • Rolling Award Rounds: If your team is NOT selected to receive an award in Round 1, you will receive a notification email indicating that your submission has been Declined for Round 1. Within 72 hours, your submission will be re-opened for editing, should you need to make any changes. 24 hours (or earlier) prior to the start of Round 2 reviews, your submission will be closed and placed back in the "In Progress" queue for review in Round 2. This process will be repeated for any subsequent rounds in which your team does not receive an award.
  • You can see the status of your Submissions when you are logged into your Submittable account. 
  • Know your Area: For the purposes of Grant Reporting, all teams will need to know in which Texas Team Area they are located. For some programs, your Area may vary from your Competitive Region. Find your Grant Area by clicking to view this map. Search by your zipcode to find your Area. 

Grant Eligibility

FIRST in Texas manages a variety of grants from different grantors. Each grant will have its own set of eligibility and evaluation criteria. Each team's application will be considered for any / all of the grants for which it meets the eligibility criteria. For more information on the individual grant sources and eligibility requirements, please see the Grants page on our website.

  • Teams must submit a complete application to be considered for a grant. 
  • All teams submitting a grant application must plan to participate in the upcoming FIRST season.
  • Teams will be required to submit proof of participation in the program in the required End of the Season Report (see below). 
  • Submitting an application does not guarantee funding. All teams should be actively seeking additional funding opportunities. 
  • Teams who received grant funding during the 2017-2018 season, and failed to complete any grant requirements, will be required to complete the outstanding tasks before being considered for new grants.  If you have outstanding tasks to complete, your submission will be put on hold and you will receive an email with instructions on completing the outstanding tasks. Once the tasks are completed, the hold will be removed and we will continue with the review process. **Submissions that are on hold WILL NOT be considered in Review Rounds until the hold is removed.**



  • All teams who are awarded a grant must complete payment of the national registration fee to FIRST (FIRST Tech Challenge teams pay their fee to Pitsco) within four weeks of receiving notification of a grant award. 
  • Teams applying with a 9-digit Temporary Team Number (ex: 201800123) MUST submit the team's Permanent Number to FIRST in Texas once their national registration fee is paid. Teams who apply with a temporary number will receive reminders via email to submit this information. 

Paperwork Submission & Additional Forms

W-9 & Payment Information

  • All teams selected to receive a grant award are required to provide a W-9. We recommend obtaining / preparing this document in advance of receiving a grant award.
  • FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) teams will have the OPTION to submit a W-9 at the time of completing the Team Grant Application. We highly encourage all FRC teams to submit a W-9 in advance of receiving a grant award; for FRC teams who receive a Texas Workforce Commission grant, submitting in advance will speed up the grant awarding process.
  • All Teams who are awarded a non-TWC grant will receive an Additional Form to complete to provide Payment Information, including a W-9. Awardees will need to complete this Additional Form before any grant funds will be disbursed or applied. 
  • If your team is associated with a school, the school district's W-9 will suffice. If your team is not associated with a school, non-profit organization, or other entity with a W-9, you will need to submit a W-9 as an individual and provide your social security number. 
  • Click here to download a blank copy of a W-9. 

Eligibility Form / Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) Documents

  • Teams awarded a Texas Workforce Commission grant must also complete and submit the TWC Eligibility Form. 
  • If your team is made up of all 9th - 12th grade members, we recommend completing this form in advance in order to ensure faster processing of your grant funds, if awarded. 
  • FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) teams will have the OPTION to submit the Eligibility Form at the time of completing the Team Grant Application. We highly encourage all FRC teams to submit the Eligibility Form in advance of receiving a grant award; for FRC teams who receive a Texas Workforce Commission grant, submitting in advance will speed up the grant awarding process.
  • FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) teams awarded a Texas Workforce Commission grant will be required to submit the "TWC FTC Grant Selection" Form, where you will submit the Eligibility Form, Payment Information, and make a choice about how to use the grant funds. Please review this section on our website for more details before making your choice. Teams will also be required to submit receipts and other payment documentation. Some teams may be required to provide a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate - click here to download a blank copy.
  • Click here to download the 2018-2019 Eligibility Form. 

Sponsor Recognition & End of the Season Report

Grant recipient teams are encouraged to recognize their sponsors at any opportunity. See our webpage on Team Engagement for ideas on how to do so. 

ALL TEAMS who receive a grant for the 2018-2019 season will receive an additional form to complete an End of the Season Report, which will include the following tasks:

  1. Submitting proof of participation in the program (a Team Photo with your robot, and a list of 'Awards Won' if applicable)
  2. Submitting final demographic information for your team
  3. Team members complete a post-season Student Survey
  4. Grant applicants complete a post-season Applicant Survey
  5. Submitting a thank-you note for each sponsor supporting the team via a FIRST in Texas Team Grant

Reminder about Grant Requirements

Failure to complete any grant requirements will result in a team / school / organization's ineligibility to receive FIRST in Texas Team Grants for one full season following the current season. 


Make sure to review our Grant FAQ and all of our information on our Grant Opportunities.

Email Contact Information:

  • for all grant-related questions
  • for all other questions, including inquiries about finding events in your Area
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